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A cybernetic feline with a love for firearms and explosions, Boost is a faithful servant of the Eorlan named Solfarion, and serves as an antithesis for the Ailuro that guard the seals that hold the Eorlan captive. She knows her existence is expendable, but nevertheless works to try to ensure her master can be free once more.

Creation and Conception Edit

Boost was originally made by wiki user Myretanaster in late 2009/early 2010, who wondered what it would be like for Solfarion (At that time called Hyperion) to have a subject/pupil under his wing and created Boost as an antithesis for Xanthos (At that time called Turbo). Her initial name was meant to jokingly imply a pairing between the two would be called "TurboBoost." Boost was often at odds with Omicron in her initial appearances, as she being a cyborg was an interesting counterpart to Omicron being an android.

With the solidification of the Geneforce universe now being formulated, Boost retained her position as Solfarion's herald and as an android. Boost can be considered a science-based counterpart to Godiva's mysticism.

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