Brights Ville
A place where no one cares about light pollution.
"There's no place brighter!"
Current Leader Probably a fat old politician
Founder Probably a guy who is uncreative with their names
Assistants who helps run the city?
Population ~100,000?
Security POOR
Crime Rate High
Location <???> Continent, Conger Fee
Primary Use To give the Geneforce Trio a reason to get out of their house
A large, modern, metropolis city located on the <insert name here> Continent on Planet Conger Fee.

Concept and Creation Edit

Brights Ville was created as a general hub city by user Genesis around the time of Conger Fee's initial creation. It has everything a typical large city would have, right down to it's constantly getting wrecked due to monster and villain raids.

Important Locations In The City Edit

Andrea's Antiques Edit

Andrea is a helpful character living on Conger Fee and it is largely thanks to her role as owner and operator of her Antique shop. She later employs Juliet to help run the store, and often finds rare or valuable items that interest the Geneforce Trio. Genesis respects her and her way of life enough to protect it when it comes under attack.

Monster Alley Edit

Monster Alley is the nickname given to a particular section of the city by locals (and the Geneforce), due to its chances of being attacked by evil. It repeatedly is targeted by Demon Pawns, Dr. K. Razypants and various other villains, long before Genesis decided to take his self-appointed role as protector. Andrea's Antique shop is unfortunately within this section of the city, giving the owner and Juliet always a need to be helped/saved.

The Mall Edit

Because where else would Genesis, Juliet, Emily and the gang go to go shopping? The Morgue? That's more up Chris' alley. Juliet also probably gets the materials she needs to create the Valkyrie costumes here.

Brights Ville Public School Edit

Emily, Kimmy and Tammy attend school here. This makes Emily a transfer student, as she was still in school around the Beacon City district when they met Genesis.

Trivia Edit

  • Because Brights Ville is so visibly bright, it is speculated that they don't care about their light pollution problem (the over abundance of light in the sky, rather than on the streets where it is needed). This makes it very difficult to see stars at night. User RKRobot hates this city solely because of this reason.