Castle Iciaura is one of the central hub locations on Planet Iciaura. It is on the <???> Continent and at one point, housed the entire Matarex lineage. Some time after the events of Name of the Game, Princess Luna, ex-bounty hunter Blastion and their eventual two children Mystessia and Garment live here.

Concept and Creation Edit

Castle Iciaura was allegedly created along with Luna and Charisma's becoming a Princess. The exact date is unknown, but it was likely around the early to mid-2000's. This castle was meant to be fought over by Luna and Charisma, as it is the one that holds the most control over the planet. Whoever rules this domain, will be Queen.

In the fall of 2015, it was discovered that the castle's current dwellers had been overthrown by Hanwind and thus, had taken the throne by force. This makes Luna and her family of Hanwind through their heritage.

History and Founding Edit

No one knows who the founder of this grand establishment is, though many believe it to be the original Iciaurian rulers.

Several characters throughout history have attempted to steal its throne, and while one family in particular stands out as victorious, Dark's ancestors and various other thieves have attempted to conquer the building.

Important Places Around The Castle Edit

Inside the Castle Edit

...various rooms and paintings that hold significance. It's in that one Morphosary RP.

Around the Castle Edit

...there's a graveyard and servant housing and some underground passageways and all sorts of stuff. Again, refer to the Morphosary RP.

Trivia Edit

  • Charisma likely modeled her own castle after her original homestead, though it is covered in black ice and dark accents.

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