Countries are unified regions on a Planet under any government system in control.  Countries are artificially founded independent forces, meaning they often have their own military, imports and exports, education systems, businesses, economies, weather conditions, landscapes and most importantly, cities and towns. Countries also have specific rulers, whether they be Monarchs, Parliament, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators or other variations with their personal set of laws and regulations.

In Geneforce continuity, countries are important, as many of the members are heavily involved with their respective governments (Example: Luna and Charisma are Princesses, later to be named queens, therefore are monarchs of Iciaura).  Many times, countries often make peace or war with one another for whatever reasons, and the Geneforce are caught in the middle, choosing a side to fight on (example: Rocky fights for Cornucopia on an international standpoint, yet fights for all for Tropic on an interplanetary view).  Sometimes characters do not choose to take a side and fight for moralistic reasons against whoever they want, and countries will either come to them or fight them (example: Genesis and Xanthos are vigilantees in that sense).

Before finishing your section on your planet's country, please note all governmental, economic, and special aspects of these locations to make them more unique.

Please order your countries in the following boxes.

Countries on Planet Conger Fee
 ??? - ???
Countries on Planet Anount
Ingulish - Othrya - Egburtia - Cro'Ker
Countries on Planet X-17
 ??? - ???
Countries on Planet Iciaura
Valence - Kyuu - Harbura - Junias - Plethio - Durra
Countries on Planet Tropic
Cornucopia - Crystopoli - Gadgetria - Gardenia - Phoenix - Vegetaria
Countries on Planet ...
 ??? - ???
Countries on Planet ...
 ??? - ???

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