Dr. K. Razypants
Vital statistics
Title Dr. K. Razypants
Race Human Conger Feean
Birthday He probably doesn't celebrate it
Gender Male
Age Looks ~40+
Height ~5'6"
Weight Average
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Occupation Scientist
Team None
Partner Princess, Tempest, Blade Master
Base of Operations Evil Lair of himself
Personal Status
Relatives He probably hates them for some reason
Relationship Single - Would you tap that? Didn't think so.
Education Ph.D in Robotics, Physics and Chemistry
Primary Building
Secondary Thinking
Passive Complaining
First Appearance
Storyline  ???
Roleplay  ???

Dr. K. Razypants is an evil scientist that lives on Planet Conger Fee, creating havoc for Genesis and the Geneforce. He hates everything they do, especially when they stop his schemes for taking over the world.

History Edit

It is likely that Razypants was a scientist for the Conger Feean government until they found that he was doing very illegal things with his experiments. After kicking him into exile, he planned to destroy the people who put him in exile and promised to make them all pay.

Razypants met Genesis relatively early on, but when Genesis stopped him with his magic, he found his perfect adversary.

Razypants would later have a run in with the Valkyries, but lose to them.

Capabilities Edit

Due to his scientific genius, K. Razypants is famous for his machines and mastery of robotics. While he finds his own henchmen annoying or incompetent, he cannot do things for himself because he is too weak.

He is also powerless, or is not known to possess any supernatural powers.

Personality Edit

The Doctor is likely the biggest jerk you will ever know. He lies, cheats, steals and does horrible things to good people. He would probably kick puppies if he were presented with them.

Relationships Edit

Dr. K. Razypants has no friends, no family, nor rivals that we know of now.

Robot Warriors Edit

Princess: A little girl who weilds oversized weapons and serves as a counter to Emily.

Tempest - A young lady who forces water to bend to her will and serves as a counter to Juliet.

Blade Master - A young man who has two swords on his arms and a third which he can pop out of his forehead, serving as a counter to Genesis. He is also more mechanized than the other two.

Trivia Edit