Prince Garment of Iciaura
Vital statistics
Title Prince Garment of Iciaura
Race Lavaborne

Iciaurian Hedgefox 1/4th Hanwindian

Birthday  ???
Gender Male
Age 13?
Height ~3'?
Weight ~65-75 lbs?
Professional Status
Affiliation Castle Iciaura
Occupation Prince
Team N/A
Partner Mystessia
Base of Operations Castle Iciaura
Personal Status
Relatives Queen of Iciaura (grandmother),

King of Iciaura (grandfather), Luna Matarex (mother), Blastion Brimagh (father), Mystessia (sister)

Relationship Single?
Education Royal
Primary I
Secondary Don't
Passive Know
First Appearance
Storyline  ???
Roleplay  ???
Prince Garment Brimagh-Matarex of Iciaura is a Lavaborne Hedgefox hybrid and the son of Queen Luna Matarex and King Blastion Brimagh. He is one of two heirs to the throne of the kingdom, the other being his sister Princess Mystessia Matarex-Brimagh.

Concept and CreationEdit

Garment was created in 20XX by user Blastion, who later teamed up with user Luna.

I have no idea if he was created to be the son of Blastion and Luna from the start or otherwise.  I also don't know if he originated as a furry or an elf creature from one of Blastion's DnD games.

Capabilities and PowerEdit

Similar to his father Blastion, Garment "Garm" Brimagh also has access to Lavaborne powers and related techniques.  He has a Birthmark somewhere on his body that indicates this.

Dissimilar to his father, he may or may not also have inherited cryokinesis/mancy, telekinesis and necromancy from his mother's side.


See I've drawn Garm actually quite a bit, but I have no idea what his personality is like because he does absolutely nothing.


Born in the year XXXX on Planet Iciaura to the future King and Queen of the icy planet, Garment was the first/second born child and heir to the throne.  Prince Garment was likely brought up to be princy and diplomatic, but because he was still young and childlike (and didn't have dead parents like his mother) and also had a sibling, he wasn't alone and sported a happy lifestyle.

He rarely hears from his Aunt Charisma, the banished Princess of the monarchy, and is likely looked after by the other members of Queen Luna's Castle, including Luminere, Souline and ... maybe he has a nanny?

New GeneforceEdit

Garm may or may not follow Genesis' son Exodus in the endeavors of New Geneforce.





  • I have no idea
  • The bathroom mirror, the little bitch in it always wins staring contests


  • Potentially Aunt Charisma?


  • Garm is one of the few characters utilized in other games, stories and roleplays by his creator.
  • Garm and Mystess have also been represented along with a container of apple sauce, so that might be their favorite food.