The Human is a species of creature that resides on a variety of planets across the universe. Typically it is fleshy, has an endoskeleton comprised of bones, muscle and tissue and relatively hairy. They are also bipedal omnivores and sexually dimorphic. The Human is naturally curious, adaptive, inventive and is arguably one of the most widespread species of collected space dust in the universe next to the New Matter.

Histories Across Planets Edit

Since the Human has a natural tendency to stick its nose where it doesn't often belong, the mammalian creature can be found on numerous planets within and around the Mosaic Galaxy.

Humans on Conger Fee Edit

There exist a large population of Humans on Planet Conger Fee. Most of the planet is ran by such beings.

Notable Conger Feean Humans: Edit

  • Dr. K. Razypants

Humans on Iciaura Edit

While the climate of Iciaura can be uninhabitably cold on some occassions, Humans do exist there, and have adapted to the icy atmosphere.

Notable Iciaurian Humans: Edit

  • Dark

Humans on Tropic Edit

Much like Iciaura, Tropic's climate is far too extreme for the typical Human to exist on its surface without some heavy adaptation, but in the opposite direction. Humans are one of the three major invading tribes on this relatively new planet and have developed technology, power and social structures that helped unite the planet and keep it alive for four whole Millenia.

Notable Tropican Humans: Edit

  • Rocky and Tori Kaos (and family) - mixed with Koko

Humans on ....I really don't know where else they would be???????? Edit

Natural/Biological Capabilities Edit

A Human is very versatile, especially when it can adapt to so many different places over the course of its lifespan, which typically lasts 100 years, give or take. A Human can also, depending on its skillset or available body parts:

  • walk, jog, run
  • jump
  • swim, sink, float (temporarily)
  • climb
  • speak
  • hunt, gather
  • process and compute cognitive thought
  • mate with anything it chooses, but it does not always guarantee an offspring
  • have live birth
  • invoke, process and communicate emotions
  • solve problems
  • sleep
  • eat
  • get rid of waste
  • access all five senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch) unless one of those senses is cut off or it is inherently unable to use that particular sense
  • create/invent things, technological or otherwise

As you can see, the Human is a very capable creature and will do whatever it can to survive. Humans, not unlike other species, will always put survival before anything else. In this sense, they are very protective of those that which are needed to survive, such as offspring and mates. Once the Human has lived for 100 years+, the body dies and it's Spirit moves to another plane of existence, as does everything else.

Trivia Edit

  • You are, in fact, a Human.