Iciaura is a freezing cold planet that exists in the Mosaic Galaxy. It is older than Planet Tropic, but younger than Anount. It is one of the few planets that took part in a devastating War Between Worlds and won along with its partners. Today, it is ruled by a monarchy system.

Vital Statistics
Planet Name Iciaura
Age  ??? million/billion years old
Solar System  ??? System
Galaxy Mosaic
Mass Unknown
Orbit Order # planet
Planetary Aspects
Race(s) Iciaurian

Kokugenian Hanwindian

Exports and Imports Magic Artifacts


Climate Cold
Natural Satellite(s) Kokugen
Partners Kokugen

Anount Tropic (after the war)

First Appearance
Storyline  ???
Roleplay Tales of Iciaura (2015)

Concept and CreationEdit

Iciaura was created in order to change the previous location of user Luna's characters from Mobius and Neo Geneforce City to something more fantastical and alien.

Government and Demographics Edit

The Monarchy Edit

Iciaura is completely run by a single constitutional monarchy, and was for a very long time, even before the Hanwind-Iciaura War. Before Luna and Charisma battled for the throne, their Hanwind mother and Iciaurian father usurped the previous throne and ended the war. Becoming Queen Guinevere and King Zacharias, the two gave birth to Princesses Luna and Charisma.

Current Queen/King Edit

Luna Karterra Materex & Blastion Brimagh

Current Heir(s) Edit

Queen: Mystessia   King: Garment

Population Edit

3.5 billion

Languages Edit

Iciaurian, Common

Exports and Imports Edit

Main Exports Edit

- Weaponry/Armor

- Jewelry

- Fashionable Clothing

- Assortments of special foods and spices

Main Imports Edit

- Certain Building Materials

- Some assortment of Fabrics

- Several rare ingredients


Iciaura is typically snowy all year round, rarely ever suffering from sweltering summers and extreme heat. The cold atmosphere does vary from wet to dry, icy to slushy, but most of the world is consumed by the cold.

Summer Edit

temp. average- 70 degrees and flurries

Fall Edit

temp. average- 50-60 degrees and simple snow

Winter Edit

temp. average- -90~12 degrees and blizzards

Spring Edit

temp. average- ~50 degrees and flurries

Main ContinentsEdit

Valence Edit

The largest of the continents. This is where the castle of Luna is located. This is also the home of many markets and shopping centers. Countries here include; Saren, Tir, Comis, Hodle, and Rosel.

Kyuu Edit

This is the second largest continent on Iciaura. Here is where the exports are made. Blachsmiths, Whitesmiths, Jewelers, and Tailors work and practically run this area.

Harbura Edit

This may be one of the smaller continents of Iciaura, but this is where everything is imported, exported, and transferred among the other continents. This port town will become very busy, very quickly, so be wary of where you go. Also where the Castle of Charisma is located.

Junias Edit

Mining continent. Is one of the lesser continents.

Plethio Edit

Mostly Forest Sanctuary. Is one of the lesser continents.

Durra Edit

Farming and agricultural area. Is one of the lesser continents.


Kotua ShrineEdit

location- Valence; near Castle Iciaura

History- Built 10,000 years ago to honor Zarek Kotua; the first host of Daitengu. When Zarek died, Daitengu was sealed within the shrine along with the demon's scepter, and Zarek's sacrificial knife.

Lava LakesEdit

location- (Ironically) Plethio; scattered throughout the forest sanctuary

history- They are a more recent landmark, mysteriously but naturally created shortly after the marriage and announcement of ruling by Luna and Blastion.

Crystal Pillars Edit

location- small ones scattered all over Iciaura's Continents; one large tower in the center of each continent.

history- Each pillar holds a small amount of every element. Once a year, each of the pillars will light up in an array of colors. Beams of light connect the tips of each of the towers to each other. In the past, these pillars were to be said to signal the coming of great power. Nowadays, they are used to signal the start of the elements festival.

Trivia and Misc. InfoEdit

Past Rulers: King Zacharias and Queen Gwenivere (In respect of Iciaura's royalty and customs, only the pair before the current will be named)


- Icewing Aerial: Valence and Kyuu engaged in a civil aerial war.

- Hanwind/ Iciaurian War: The nearby world, Hanwind, declared war on Iciaura in hopes of a takeover, but failed miserably due to Iciaura's great defense.