Vital statistics
Title .
Race Succubus
Birthday .
Gender Female
Age .
Height .
Weight .
Professional Status
Affiliation .
Occupation Unknown
Team .
Partner .
Base of Operations .
Personal Status
Relatives .
Relationship .
Education .
Primary .
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Passive .
First Appearance
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Roleplay .
Liola is a Succubus from unknown origins.


No one really knows anything about Liola. A group of adventurers stumbled across a clearing and found her, just sitting on the rocks in the center. She seemed pretty harmless to them, until she began emmiting a strange scent that seemed to attract the men, and a couple of the women. She lured them away and, well... killed them.

She isn't a part of Geneforce, but likes to wander in and out of the HQ as if she was. No one knows what her motives are, or even if she has any.

"I prefer to think of myself as a... loving thinker."