Queen of Iciaura
Vital statistics
Title Queen of Iciaura
Race Iciauran
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Team Geneforce
Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Charisma Matarex - Sister

Blastion Brimagh - Husband Mystess Matarex - Daughter Garment Matarex - Son

Relationship Blastion Brimagh
Education Unknown
Primary Unknown
Secondary Unknown
Passive Unknown
First Appearance
Storyline Unknown
Roleplay Unknown
Queen of Iciaura, master psychic, and mistress of ice manipulation, Luna has positioned herself as a critical figure within the Geneforce canon.


Native to Iciaura, and sister to Charisma, Luna grew up in royalty. Her life as a child was full of lessons and learning, all of which were to be used as she got older. She was favored over her sister because she inherited both of her parent's abilities [Ice and Psychic], while Charisma received no abilities.

Luna became next in line for the throne at the age of 5. Her family was quite proud of their child, showering her in love, adoration, and affection. Charisma, in a fit of jealousy, released the Ex-Guardian Daitengu and commanded it to destroy her sister, and anyone in it's path.
The rest of the family had no idea of the destruction upon then, until it was too late. The great wolf beast burst through the front doors, casting around for the scent it wanted. With narrowed eyes, it charged the main room. Her mother [Gwenivere], and her father [Zacharias], picked up their child and fled deeper into the castle. They led the demon to a special room where they sat their beloved daughter on the floor. Her mother, wielding her claymore, challenged Daitengu outside the room in a last effort to protect her daughter while a sealing rite was prepared.

Unfortunately, she was swatted down like a fly as the great wolf turned its sights once more to the trembling princess. It entered the room where it shifted into a more human form. Her hands were ablaze with an unnatural fire and a long tail that ended with a battle-axe swished effortlessly around.

Her father stepped in front of his child and pointed his wand at Daitengu. He spoke an incantation, as Daitengu struck him with a fatal blow. He fell to the ground as the corrupt guardian was sealed away within Luna. At such a young age, this power was too much for her to control. Luna rampaged the castle, forcing everyone to evacuate and rune the doors shut. Her eyes, once a sparkling green, dawned a darker shade. The left one became a deep emerald, filled with pain and torment. The other shifted to a bright ruby, burning with an everlasting hatred.

She learned to keep the ex-guardian suppressed for the next 14 years, Iciaura slowly returning to it's previous state of peace and prosperity. Her sister had disappeared, leaving behind a note saying she would return with her new found powers.

Luna brushed off her sister as a minor threat and focused on the top priority; running her kingdom. Years passed since the day of the great beast's release, and Luna had found herself surrounded by friends, and now a new family. She ended up marrying Blastion, a firefox with the ability to manipulate Lava and fire magicks.