Welcome to the Characters Page!  Do you have an Original Character (or OC) that you often write, draw or include in roleplays?  You can add your character to the New Geneforce Wikia!

The difference between an Original Character (OC) and an Role Playing Character (RPC) is simple.  An OC is a character you write and develop mainly through story.  An RPC is a character you largely develop through roleplaying with others.  There is no solid term for a character you use both techniques for, so many refer to their characters as OCs if they both write and roleplay with that character.

Some characters may exist solely in different universes.  If your character receives an Alternate Universe (AU) form, a different ending in another timeline, or only exists if certain characters are coupled together, please include this information on their page!

If you have any supporting/minor characters, please add them to the Minor Characters page under your New Geneforce Wiki username.

Major Characters: Any character a user has created and used 6 or more times in a Roleplay, written story, comic, animation or other work of fiction.  The role they play does not matter, as this is the only way to promote the development and finalization minor characters.  Each work of fiction they appear in must be different than the last, and not just a continuation of the first work (ex: "Part 2" will not work, but an entire new sequel with new settings, plot and other characters).

Characters that you can find a decent amount of information for on this Wiki:

Major Characters by Phirania
HEROES -- Xanthos Ailuro - Pennatus Pouli - Omicron Solus - Vaesyr Solus - Kyra

VILLAINS -- Godiva - Boost - Argen Gale

Major Characters by Myrtenaster
Luna Matarex - Charisma Matarex - Pointsettia - Mystess Matarex - Daitengu - Souline - Luminere - Solanna

Major Characters by RKRobot
Rocky the Robot - Tori Kaos - Wrath Kaos - Ikari the Hedgehog - Kane the Komodo Dragon - Decoda - Lizzy the Squirrel Monkey

Major Characters by Genesis
Genesis of The Wind - Juliet - Emily - Kimmy

Villains -- Dr. K. Razypants - Apocalypse

Major Characters by ShadowChris
Lord Chris - Xero - Gearic

Major Characters by Blastion
Blastion Brimagh - Wrave - Garment Brimagh - Vein