Vital statistics
Title .
Race Iciauran/Lavaborne
Birthday .
Gender Female
Age .
Height .
Weight .
Professional Status
Affiliation .
Occupation Unknown
Team .
Partner .
Base of Operations .
Personal Status
Relatives Blastion: Father

Luna: Mother Garm: Brother

Relationship .
Education .
Primary .
Secondary .
Passive .
First Appearance
Storyline .
Roleplay .

Mystessia is the daughter of Luna and Blastion, and the sister of Garm[ent] .

Concept and CreationEdit

Mystessia (or simply "Mystess" or "Myst" on occassion) was a creation of user Luna in the year 20XX.

It is unknown whether or not she was meant to be Luna and Blastion's daughter from the moment she was created.


Princess Mystessia was likely to have gained powers from both her mother and father, Blastion and Luna .  Because being a Lavaborne is inherited, she also presumably has a birthmark somewhere on her body confirming this.

Her powers may or may include Pyrokinesis/mancy, Necromancy, Cyrokinesis/mancy, Telekinesis or a combination of all of them.


Mystess had been seen to be afraid of things like Slenderman, and thus is likely to be a fan of scary stories.


Born in the year XXXX to Queen Luna and King Blastion, Princess Mystessia Matarex was the first/second to be born and current heir to the Iciaura throne.

She and her brother Garment are likely taken care of by their mother, father and castle attendents, namely Souline and Luminere.

New GeneforceEdit

It is not known whether or not Mystessia will join New Geneforce, lead by Genesis' son Exodus.



  • Luna
  • Blastion
  • Garment
  • Charisma


  • Luminere
  • Souline
  • You're probably forever alone, too, kid


  • Nyan


  • <insert villain here>


  • Mystessia was first created using Sonic Charrie Maker by DeviantArt user chriserony.
  • She probably likes applesauce.