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Weight Unknown
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Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
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Base of Operations Unknown
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Onyx is a Fox from the Frostrayne Tribe of 120 years ago. She came from the past for reasons unknown to many, but cannot return.

Concept and CreationEdit

Onyx was created by user Luna/Myrtenaster.

Capabilities and PowersEdit

She probably has magical powers from Mabinogi.

Personality Edit

She probably doesn't like being in the future with all this new fancy technology and magic.

History Edit

Onyx was born in XXX, ???, 120 years ago from present day. She was likely time displaced either on purpose on accident.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  •  ???

Friends Edit

  •  ???

Rivals Edit

  •  ???

Enemies Edit

  •  ???

Trivia Edit

  • Onyx received her name based off the solid, smooth mineral type of the same name.