Outer Characters are not OCs or RPCs, even if they are derailed to the point of acting completely different from their original counterpart.  Created for a different purpose, franchise, series or entirely seperate title other than Geneforce, these characters operate differently than those made by our users.

You can tell if a specific being is an Outer Character through quick simple research, identifying by personality, mannerisms, and appearance.  If an author/artist is using an Outer Character and they do not give credit to the original creators of said character, please ask the author/artist to give credit where credit is due.  If they do not cooperate, ask an Admin or Mod to help solve the situation.

While we do encourage originality and uniqueness at New Geneforce, if you would like to use Outer Characters, please keep in mind that no profit will be made off of your material should it be published, unless you have proper liscensing to do so.  New Geneforce is not responsible for users getting into legal issues concerning copyrighted characters.

Safe to use methods without getting in trouble:

  • non-profit videos, animation, comics, fanfiction, artwork, etc. with respectable amount of credit given
  • parodical representations of characters in any work of fiction with respectable amount of credit given (ex: commissioning fanart/fanfiction)
  • altering Outer Characters with different designs, names, abilities, personalities, etc. so that they may become OCs/RPCs
Outer Characters Created By Valve
The Combine - The G-Man
Outer Characters Created by Sega
Shadow the Hedgehog
Outer Characters Created by Nintendo/Game Freak