Base Information
Planet of Origin Unknown
Creator None
Age of Species 1.2 billion years
Current Population Approximately 250 [Nearing extinction]
Abilities Photosynthesis, Flora communication, Limited Shapeshifting
Characteristics Evolve into trees at some point in lifetime
Known Characters None

Concept and Creation Edit

The Seedrian race described on this wiki is a reference to Cosmo's species in the Sonic X cartoon. As a whole, many general aspects have been transferred to the Mosaic Cloud version of the race, which will be expanded upon further in the future.

Anatomy Edit

Seedrians are a race of hyper-intelligent sapient plants, with drastically different physical appearances based on an individual. Interestingly, Seedrians have two genders that follow these physical differences, with females being more slender and having an arrangement of petals sprouting from their waists and budding flowers atop their heads. Male Seedrians are more bulky, and tower over their female counterparts by several times. The males have short tails and antler growths from their heads that make them resemble trees in parallel to the females that resemble flowers. All Seedrians, regardless of gender, evolve into trees at some point in their life time as a sign of old age or a first stage of death.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like plants, Seedrians can draw sustenance from metabolizing sunlight, meaning they can be active as long as they have absorbed enough solar energy into their bodies. In addition, the Seedrians can commune with various kinds of plants they encounter, seemingly regardless of planetary origin. Lastly, Seedrians have a limited ability to shapeshift, enough to grow any of their bodies at will, allowing them to stretch their limbs or grow spikes. Depending on the environmental conditions, Seedrians are able to grow vines, thorns, flowers, or fruits in a dazzling array of colors and variations. The Seedrians can regenerate any part of their body, including their heads.

Male Seedrians have the ability to transform into colossal tyrannosaurus-like creatures which they refer to as the "final phase," which may correspond to an "ultra form." In the final phase, a Seedrian gains immensely enhanced strength and durability, but maintaining this transformation drains them of the solar energy they've stored up and using final phase for too long can prove fatal.