Species are a type of creature that exists in the Universe that varies from one to another. There can be several subspecies, mixed species, and purebreds of a single species. Each species will likely vary a great amount from others, otherwise, it will just be known as a rare individual mix. A rare mix will only become a species if it continues to breed outward to extend its heritage.

Below are a list of species you might encounter on this Wiki, and they are broken up by Area of Existence (meaning it currently lives there, or originated there - greater specification will be on each of their pages). If you do not find the speices you are looking for, or think a species has been misrepresented, contact a moderator before editing the mistake/creating a new page.

(Adding other aliens to the "Various Alien Species (non major)" Navbox is beneficial and helpful to the wiki.  Please contribute your alien life to the wiki if you feel that adding them will lead to more interesting ideas and themes for the Geneforce to utilize.)

Astral Cloud/Plane Species
Navitaria - Eorlan

Big Bang Species
New Matter

Various Alien Species (non major)
Seedrian - Demon - Black Arms - WonderMold - Sectaraski - Amphinian - Sandrugardian - Zeneadonian - Desirahiin - Pauli -

Mobian Species
Hedgehog - Fox - Cat - Rabbit - Human - Echidna - Chao - Bat - Crocodile - Bee - Chameleon - Hawk - Swallow - Albatross - Badger - Raccoon - Seedrian - Robot

Tropican Species
Aeonimbic - Human - Koko

Kokobian - Kokouman - Kokombic - Mobiman - Aeobian

Anount Species
Andesian - Ailuro - Flamma - Koko

Iciauraian Species
Mobian - Human - CreatureFolk - Elven - Koko - Nighthalzen - Lighthalzen - Brighala

Conger Feean Species
Mobian - Human - Earth Animal

Kokugen Species
Mobian - Human - Elven - CreatureFolk - Koko

X-17 Species
Mobian - Robot - Human