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  • Phirania

    So over the past few months, I think our wiki has done a great deal to expand itself and lay down a foundation for the pages to come. Just a few things I want to note:

    - Try to get more than just a sentence down for a character page. Not berating anyone, but I just want to know more about these characters! And a single sentence certainly won't tell me everything about them! Expand who they are, and show 'em off!

    - More villains!! I know we all love our heroes, but let's also make sure we give our villains some time to shine, too! Throw down some villains in our character list so our heroes know what they're up against!

    - Species/Planets. We have a pretty wide range of species of people here, so let's talk about what makes them all unique! Mak…

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  • Phirania

    What's next?

    August 22, 2014 by Phirania

    A good question!

    I've been looking over the Wiki so far, and I think I'll be trying to gather information on our less detailed pages and putting in what I know about them based on stories and roleplays. The information I have is by no means complete, but I hope it will at least be somewhat accurate and informative. The creators of these characters/places will have to fill in the rest when they are ready. The first few pages that I'll be trying to tackle are Charisma and Blastion, and I'm honestly not sure how long that will take. There's a lot to read through, and some of the events they're evolved in might not even be canon in the current universe. 

    I guess we'll see?

    At the very least, I'd like to get a skeletal feel for the following three…

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  • Phirania

    Navboxes Fixed

    August 20, 2014 by Phirania

    At least for now, it seems. Let's just hope they stay that way!

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  • Phirania


    August 18, 2014 by Phirania

    Before anything else, it certainly seems as though figuring out new templates is our biggest concern at the moment. I've constructed a small list of a few resources I've found that might help present and/or future members when it comes to creating templates. Or maybe this is already stuff you'e found out? Anyway, here it is:

    Help:Templates - from the Community Central Wikia. Gives a basic rundown of template details.

    Templates Wiki - from the Templates Wikia. A library of various templates all gathered in one place.

    Tutorial on Creating Templates - from User blog:92garfield on the League of Legends Wikia. Uses some more technical terms and concepts that might be confusing to those that are new to editing.

    Templates 101 - A video from the Wikia…

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  • Phirania

    A Few Thoughts

    August 15, 2014 by Phirania

    After a little over a month of more wiki edits, some things have come to mind on what we can possibly do to improve this wiki, so I thought I'd share them to get the opinions of my fellow wiki editors. At the very least, maybe these could spark some other kinds of ideas for the future?

    - Regarding the home page. I've seen several other wikis with featured articles/characters/editors/images on their home pages. Is this something we can consider doing in the future, maybe when we have a wider range of pages to choose from? How would these pages be chosen, anyway? Or is that a bridge we should wait to cross?

    - About the categories. Should we start adding more kinds of categories, like a "mage" category for magical characters or categorize chara…

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