After a little over a month of more wiki edits, some things have come to mind on what we can possibly do to improve this wiki, so I thought I'd share them to get the opinions of my fellow wiki editors. At the very least, maybe these could spark some other kinds of ideas for the future?

- Regarding the home page. I've seen several other wikis with featured articles/characters/editors/images on their home pages. Is this something we can consider doing in the future, maybe when we have a wider range of pages to choose from? How would these pages be chosen, anyway? Or is that a bridge we should wait to cross?

- About the categories. Should we start adding more kinds of categories, like a "mage" category for magical characters or categorize characters by their species? Again, this is probably something that could be talked about when we have more pages, but I'd like it to be something to consider.

- Polls! This is also most likely a consideration to make if we have more editors, but maybe having polls would be more interactive? Something to consider.

These are just the primary things I've been thinking about. A few pages that need more work include Kiko, Onyx, Kokuro, and Mystessia. Can we start gathering as much information about these four as we can to beef up their pages?

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