Before anything else, it certainly seems as though figuring out new templates is our biggest concern at the moment. I've constructed a small list of a few resources I've found that might help present and/or future members when it comes to creating templates. Or maybe this is already stuff you'e found out? Anyway, here it is:

Help:Templates - from the Community Central Wikia. Gives a basic rundown of template details.

Templates Wiki - from the Templates Wikia. A library of various templates all gathered in one place.

Tutorial on Creating Templates - from User blog:92garfield on the League of Legends Wikia. Uses some more technical terms and concepts that might be confusing to those that are new to editing.

Templates 101 - A video from the Wikia YouTube page. A bit lengthy, but should be beneficial to use.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg! I'll see about adding more to this list as time goes on, but hopefully this helps give us a bit of a footing? It'll take a while to read through all of this, I know, but once we get down the basics, I think we can make this Wikia truly great!


After a little bit of research, I've begun to implement the Vscroll template from the Templates Wkia onto our wiki, alongside Vscroll_begin and Vscroll_end. Should I do everything correctly, it should be another step forward for us all. :) 


It seems to be working. I'm using the species subsection of the Anount page as a testing grounds. If you know html color codes, then that can help change the Vscroll's coloration to whatever it is you want it to be. Try using this when looking up html color codes. The Vscroll change on Anount's page will most likely not be permanent, and is only currently up to give others an idea of how the template should look when completed. This can help shorten longer pages, like the planets.


I've also implemented the family tree template and family tree/element template. A bit self-explanatory, but now we can create family trees for our characters. The next template I'll be implementing is the successor box template.

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