So over the past few months, I think our wiki has done a great deal to expand itself and lay down a foundation for the pages to come. Just a few things I want to note:

- Try to get more than just a sentence down for a character page. Not berating anyone, but I just want to know more about these characters! And a single sentence certainly won't tell me everything about them! Expand who they are, and show 'em off!

- More villains!! I know we all love our heroes, but let's also make sure we give our villains some time to shine, too! Throw down some villains in our character list so our heroes know what they're up against!

- Species/Planets. We have a pretty wide range of species of people here, so let's talk about what makes them all unique! Make a species page for your races so we can learn about what makes them so special! And don't be afraid to talk more about your own planets, too!

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