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  • RKRobot

    We've Reached 70 Pages!

    June 17, 2015 by RKRobot

    Yeah!  70 pages in total on the NewGeneforce Wikia!  Awesome job everybody!

    Unfortunately, all of these pages are either not quite finished or have barely anything on them.  Please remember that when you make a page here, try to fill out as much information as possible before hitting "publish," because then it just kind of sits there, unfinished.

    We have a lot of characters, places and teams up and running, as well as a ton of categories, too!  I'm thinking we should keep focusing on finishing the content that's up here, or at least making the pages look decently full.  We also somewhat have a format for characters, but it's still pretty sloppy and in the works.  Here's the format I've noticed:

    • Brief Introduction (beside a full template)
    • Conce…
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  • RKRobot

    Well I'm Sorry...

    August 18, 2014 by RKRobot

    I think I've broken the Navboxes.

    If you want to edit them, please go into the Classic Editor on the desired page, and select "source".  It's easier to do that for now.  I'm attempting to find solutions.  Sorry for the inconvinience!!

    I'm still learning how to make my own templates, even though this is getting ridiculously complicated.  If you know anything about templates, please leave a comment and help me out.  Thank you!

    Thank you all for your continued work on the wiki!  I've looked around and I'm very proud of what I've seen~  *clapping*

    If we can get... let's see, maybe 10+ more pages (characters, places, along with photos), the rest of the templates and maybe a nice custom backround up, I think we'd be ready for release to the public (…

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  • RKRobot

    Finishing the Details!

    August 7, 2014 by RKRobot

    Hi everyone!  If you're reading this, then you've found my first blog post!  I have no idea what more to put here than to update on what I plan to change on the wiki.

    • Add more templates: including fixing up the City/Town template, the Company/Business template, and potentially Team/Family templates.  For now you can easily use the Item, Character, Planet and Navboxes to make your pages look better!
    • Add more images to other characters and places - I'd prefer if users put up original artwork, screencaps of personalized/customized characters from a game, or used base artwork to help depict their characters/locations.
    • Add the rest of your details!  I'm currently working on finishing up a few characters bios before I hit the "publish" button on br…
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