Hi everyone!  If you're reading this, then you've found my first blog post!  I have no idea what more to put here than to update on what I plan to change on the wiki.

  • Add more templates: including fixing up the City/Town template, the Company/Business template, and potentially Team/Family templates.  For now you can easily use the Item, Character, Planet and Navboxes to make your pages look better!
  • Add more images to other characters and places - I'd prefer if users put up original artwork, screencaps of personalized/customized characters from a game, or used base artwork to help depict their characters/locations.
  • Add the rest of your details!  I'm currently working on finishing up a few characters bios before I hit the "publish" button on brand new pages.  If you have characters with unfinished pages, please take some time to follow a format similar to this:
    • Brief summary of character
    • Concept/Creation/Real world info
    • History (of character)
      • please specify when the character was born/created in universe, and identify certain point in their life with an age indicator of sorts.
      • if a word, phrase, or special term comes up in your character's history, then you should define it here or on another page (if the word or term connects to another idea on another page, please hyperlink the two together somehow and explain the connections)
    • Other Appearances
      • If your character appears in a game, comic, animation, or other roleplay that is not connected to your original canon (or is but is not explicitly stated as such), then make sure to empty that information here.
      • Ex: Wrath appears in Hidden Feelings, both the original and remake.  Genesis appears in Broken Genesis as leader of the Geneforce and head of Neo Geneforce City.
    • Personality
    • Powers/Abilities/Techniques/Skills
      • Super forms, raw powers, skills they've learned or need to work on, and weaknesses all should go in this section
    • Relationships
      • Describe the number of times your character interacts with another, or how both characters feel about each other (abnormal sibling relationship, one-sided love interest, best friend, distant cousin, etc.)
    • Trivia/additional input/likes and dislikes
  • Not everyone has to follow these formats exactly, but while we still have a small number of articles on the wiki, we should really organize this to the best of our ability.
  • if you created a gallery for your character (which is a smart idea to do if you happen to draw them or take pictures of them a lot), please make sure you leave a hyperlink to it on your character's main page so viewers can click on it.

Thank you for reading the blog post of RKRobot!  Have a great day!

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