Yeah!  70 pages in total on the NewGeneforce Wikia!  Awesome job everybody!

Unfortunately, all of these pages are either not quite finished or have barely anything on them.  Please remember that when you make a page here, try to fill out as much information as possible before hitting "publish," because then it just kind of sits there, unfinished.

We have a lot of characters, places and teams up and running, as well as a ton of categories, too!  I'm thinking we should keep focusing on finishing the content that's up here, or at least making the pages look decently full.  We also somewhat have a format for characters, but it's still pretty sloppy and in the works.  Here's the format I've noticed:

  • Brief Introduction (beside a full template)
  • Concept and Creation
  • Powers, Capabilities, Movesets
  • Personality
  • History
  • Relationships
  • Trivia

Occassionally, these will be swapped around, and sometimes "Other Appearances" will appear.  What are your thoughts on this format?  Should we change it, or should we make this the standard?

In other news, we also have a lot of photos/reference pictures up on the site!  The original plan for this was to crank out as many black and white pictures as possible for every character we have, but now I'm thinking we should wait until there's a colored reference out there that can do better than a 2012/13 BW shot?  What do you think?  Colored or stanardized ref sheet shots?

I also want to try and ask everyone a lot of questions about their characters so that I may record them in the wiki, and therefore get nothing wrong when I write them in stories/comics.  Here's some questions I might want to ask you, so you could maybe get them sorted out first?

  1. Is your character a good guy, bad guy, or somewhere in between?
  2. Are you satisfied with how your character is at the moment?
  3. Does your character suffer from any plotholes in their story?
  4. Do you have a timeline for this character?
  5. Does their personality - at any point - contradict itself?
  6. Does your character develop at all throughout the story or stay stagnant?
  7. Why is this character important to the Geneforce?

There!  Sorry if you guys think these are too complex or annoying, but I REALLY love this little series we've made and just have lots of fun making this stuff up.  It's really cool, in my opinion.  ^_^

So thanks for your attention and have a good day/night!

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