Planet X-17 or Sirhc is the most influential planet in the entire Mosiac Galaxy. It is located close to the center of the Galaxy and directly on top of the transdimensional ley line that leads into the the Astral Plane. It is currently ruled by Lord Shadow Chris, the eccentric and powerful major villain of the Geneforce.

Concept and Creation Edit

X-17 was not created along with its ruler, Chris, but sometime after, presumably in 2009/10. In an effort to add new mystery and expand the universe, this world was made for the shadow mage to rule and do with as he pleases. Creator ShadowChris on NewGeneforce forums also decided it would be beneficial if Chris not only had a place to rule from, but subjects to rule as well, thus making it (at one point) canon that all the Knuckles' Tribe Echidnas of the Sonic the Hedgehog canon were not wiped out by Chaos, but in fact transported to X-17 to be ruled by the dark mage. This has since been removed from current canon.

Many changes have been made, however and Chris' homeworld has been greatly reformatted to fit a more Geneforce-centric set of ideas and themes, much like all the other planets in the Universe.

However, despite all the alterations, X-17 remains the coordinates for the ley line of universe.

History Edit

Not much is known about X-17.

Climate and Natural Information Edit

In Name of the Game, it is revealed that numerous species and characters have survived being on X-17 without magical or technological aid. This is likely due to the planet's magical atmosphere.

Society and Demographics Edit

Thanks to the location of this planet, X-17 is a hub for life of all kinds.

Government Edit

X-17 is a bonafide dictatorship. No one knows exactly what kind of rulership it had prior to Lord Chris taking over the planet, or whether it was difficult or easy to obtain. Because of this lack of knowledge, it is likely that Chris also had whatever rules and regulations the planet had prior to his eternal takeover eradicated immediately in place of his own, since no one knows how the planet used to operate beforehand.

Economy Edit

After Lord Chris took over, the planet used coin-like currency called "Funland Tokens," usually gold in color. It is not known what is depicted on the tokens or how much a token is worth.

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Trivia Edit

  • Sirhc (pronounced SIR-cc) is a scrambled version of the name Chris. Whether or not this was a playful joke made in canon after Lord Chris' takeover, a parody of Genesis' Conger Fee (which is just a scrambled version of "Geneforce") or done for the sake of fun on the creator's part, is unknown.